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ULY Hall Rental

Hall Rental Fee during the week:

  • Small Hall- $475
  • Large Hall- $800

Hall Rental Fee for Shabbos:

  • Small Hall- $500
  • Large Hall- $850

Small hall seats 150 people. Large hall seats 350 people.

Our halls can be used for various occasions. Some examples are; Sheva Brochos, a Bris, a Pidyan Haben, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Lechayims.

The rental of the hall includes tables (round and rectangular), chairs, and mechitzah. Microphone is not included. All caterers must be under the hashgocho of the BeDaTz of Crown Heights. (See list of caterers)

To reserve the hall please contact us at (718) 774-4131, Ext.106 or click here to book online.


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